About Me

So Who am I?

Hey, I’m Sarah and this is my blog – Dauntless Dreamer! Welcome and thank you for visiting.

I guess you could say that I’m not a ‘typical girl’. People don’t usually describe me as graceful or elegant. I play sports, I go on adventures, I get dirty and I’m not overly concerned with fashion or my outward appearance (most of the time). Dare I say that I am a ‘Tomboy?’

Classically, growing up I was the only girl in a group of boys and I also had an older brother. So I had two choices: spend my days climbing trees, grazing my knees (and pulling the occasional Barbie Doll’s head off – yes that actually happened) or play by myself. So a lot of my childhood was spent playing football (or soccer depending on where in the world you are), running around and generally getting covered in mud. You were more likely to find me playing with my Action Man jeep than a doll.


Today at 26 years young I can be found doing pretty much the same things. I’m happiest when I have a ball at my feet or when I’m running around in the woods with a paintball gun shooting my dad in the head – yes that also happened and no he was not happy about it. Little has changed but I like to think that I’m older and wiser than I was but that remains to be seen!

What will I be writing about?

To put it bluntly I will be writing about all things ‘tomboy’ – my experiences growing up, milestones, body image and my ‘boyish’ adventures. The world through my eyes if you like. Eventually I would like to be led by my readers, (if anyone actually reads my blog that is) but for now it’s baby steps hopefully in the right direction.

It would be awesome if I could inspire just one person to live the life that they love and do what makes them happy no matter what anyone else thinks about it.

If nothing else it will be a space that will allow me to share the trials and tribulations of my life, the highs and the lows and everything in between.

If you made it this far congratulations! I will stop rambling now. Please get in touch with any comments, thoughts or ideas; I would love to hear from you…